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Our previous experiences

Chicago cyclists should find themselves quite familiar with the annual Bike2Campus Challenge, which is a one-week long competition for all organizations to get involved. It’s held by our very own team of dedicated cyclists at Bike2Campus, whose mission is to bring positive changes to the cycling community in the city and its surrounding areas.

Here, you can enjoy your exciting and liberated outdoor rides whenever and wherever you want. And at the same time, compete with other Chicagoland institutes to win and get your own trophies. But most importantly, our main goal was to raise awareness for biking and its undeniable benefits.

Throughout the competition, we offer opportunities for Chicago bikers to connect and engage in each other’s progressions through the online social network channels. Also, you’ll learn a lot about cycling safety through many of our informative quiz sessions.

And after two annual competitions in 2018 and 2019, our Bike2Campus events have certainly helped Chicago citizens to build their biking habits. On top of that, with the city’s recent developments in support of bicycling, Chicago is becoming the city of bikers, where the biking cultures flourish. Thus, ended our missions to bring small, but crucial, changes to the city’s cycling habits.

Our new activities

As our latest update, we’ve moved our office from Chicago to Florida, in an attempt to promote cycling in the new area.

And to begin with, we’ll be providing our complete and in-depth reviews on varied biking products, such Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, E-Bike, Kids Bikes, along with many available accessories that you can and should have on your bikes.

Also, to help you in your cycling journeys, our group of experts and experienced cyclists at Bike2Campist will work our bests to deliver you intuitive and informative guides on biking-oriented topics. As a result, these would allow you to be well-prepared for your trips.

In the future, we are hoping to be able to bring changes to the bicycling communities in the area. Thus, allowing Florida to become another biking-friendly city, just like with our previous successes in Chicago. And you, the followers, will be our main focus.

And most certainly, if it’s possible, we’ll bring our well-known Bike2Campus competitions to the area, along with many of its improved content. Thus, allowing Florida bikers to fully engage themselves in the experiences

Our author

Here is the list of our frequent contributors of the website:

Waleed Kerr – Creator & Editor & Publisher

Although he didn’t start cycling at a very young age like most of our other members, Waleed has an unrivaled love for biking, which also drives him to create Bike2Campus and maintain the website as a great place for bikers to join. You can ask him any bicycling-related questions and they’ll most likely be answered. But most importantly, it’s his passion and dedication that motivated us all to work for the team.

George Stevens – Technical Editor

George Stevens is a tech expert, but he also spends his time on the bike equally to his time on the computer. You can find him riding to work almost every day of the week. He is the living example of how an IT guy can be great in his profession while still maintaining awesome physic.

Kevin Steffey – Bicycling & Review Expert

With his life-long experienced in bicycling and other sports, Kevin is more than capable of delivering you the most in-depth and all-round reviews on any biking-related products. And at the same time, feel free to learn from him through many of our cycling guides, which were curated to suit your different preferences.

Scott Sunderland – Bicycling Expert & Support

To assist Kevin in his reviews and guides, we also have Scott, our biking expert. But instead of focusing on the posts, he will provide you with tons of informative answers, should you want to ask us any related questions.